Thursday, 7 August 2014

The real awakening

The people who are anti-atheists despite believing in god, are in fact  anti-god. For how can you be an atheist without the will of that god, without the will of whom nothing is possible (as believed) !?  If it is god,s will that atheist be there, why then you wish them to be non-existent ? It's kind of interfering in god's work. Do you regard yourself greater than god that you are finding fault in his decisions ? Aren't you disclosing your own ego !
And suppose atheists are on this earth without god’s will then it is clear that all is not under the control of god. Thus god possesses as much power as presidents of China or America do. So are you ready to consider  US/China’s president as god ?  Even children know that all presidents are human-beings.
What to do of such a god who is not able to control even an earth !?
--Sanjay Grover
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